Edinburgh Diwali Celebration, 2020 See What’s Special This Year

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The year 2020 seems to be plagued by various incidents. The world seems to be in chaos due to the Corona epidemic. In the meantime, a big political upheaval has taken place in Washington with the epidemic at its centre.

However, history says that there will be always change in politics and it’s natural. But the biggest challenge is to bring the world back to its own place as this epidemic causes the social diversion, political instability, and economic recession in the whole world. Although the scientific community has made no mistake in its efforts, but the world has not yet seen the expected success.

The joys of the festival have been extinguished one by one in the country and abroad; the melody of the arrival of “UMA” in this autumn festival was gloomy. Everyone’s prayer was for the destruction of this evil epidemic. The only hope in the eve of Diwali is that the roar of epidemic fades away, let those old verses of life come back.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Indians in Britain are praying to free from the episode of epidemic. The same picture is everywhere in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. This year’s Diwali light is fading in Edinburgh, Scotland, after so many years of familiar pictures.

Edinburgh Diwali celebrations began with a handful of expatriate Indians from Scotland in 2015. According to Indian tradition, the Princess Street Garden used to be painted every year in the light of Diwali. Every year about ten thousand people from home and abroad, including Hindus, Buddhists and Christians used to gather to celebrate the Edinburgh Diwali.

Edinburgh’s Diwali festival attracts the attention of Indians and non-Indians comparable. A special attraction on Diwali evenings was the procession following the Hindu deities, parade on princess street etc. Edinburgh Castle was lit up with colourful light. Fireworks display, cultural program, restaurant, gossiping with friends which is full of traditional Indian style festival. 

The image of the Diwali festival has changed in this year of 2020; the special events and cultural events on Diwali will be broadcast online from 5 pm to 7 pm on November 15. The committee members have organized such a fancy event so that all Indians can enjoy every aspect of the event at home.

The highlights of this year’s event are the display of virtual fireworks, music by Ajay Dixit, classical dance of Dundee in Scotland, Indian SRZAN Orissa dance, Edinburgh dance, fusion dance, African dance, in a word, Edinburgh multi-ethnic festival, multi-ethnic Diwali festival. Edinburgh Diwali Chairman Frank Ross and Consult General Dr. Shashank Vikram will speak at the end of the event.

The Edinburgh Diwali Committee is associated with many of its voluntary activities. They have been doing their job for the past few years. The Edinburg Council City Trust is their equal partner in this work.

Edinburgh Diwali President Rajneesh Singh said “In this time of darkness, we believe it is even more important to celebrate the triumph of light and of good over evil. While we cannot come together in the city centre this year to celebrate Diwali, we can come together with our own families in our own homes to watch the celebrations together virtually. Edinburgh’s Digital Diwali is free to watch and we hope that Edinburgh’s residents from all cultures and communities will join our celebrations on Sunday evening.

We are grateful to Lord Provost and his office, Consul General of India, City of Edinburgh Council Culture and One City Trust for their continued support. Also, extend my gratitude to the entire Committee members for their effort in organising this year’s event despite all the challenges”

The only hope is that the evil plague will fade in the light of Diwali and will come back to colourful life.

Author- Sumana Adak, UK


आज के समय में पत्रकारिता की गिरती साख को बचाने के लिए तथा लोगों के दिलों में पत्रकारिता के प्रति वापस विश्वास कायम करने के लिए एक्सप्रेस इंडिया न्यूज़ की पूरी टीम कार्यरत है।

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