When India-China border tensions peak

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Sumana Adak, Edinburgh : India’s current relationship with the neighbouring state China is like the enemy of the so-called neighbouring house. Day by day China’s mighty attitude is now quite evident to the whole world. So far, China’s diplomatic battle with India has been in full swing, and it seems to be intensifying.

As a result of COVID-19, the economic crisis is now all over the world. According to political analysts, the anti-India attitude of Chinese President Xi Jinping at this time can be termed as China’s one-sided shout out to India as well as the whole world.

The whole country is roaring in protest against the indiscriminate killing of 20 Indian soldiers on 15th June, which has spread all over the world today. In the news of various countries has raised a storm of condemnation against this deadly aggressive attitude of China.

There have been three times agreements with China on demarcating the north-eastern part of India. All those agreements have been broken again and again. After Tibet finally declared itself an independent state, with the consent of India and the British government, India’s border with China was permanently defined in that part through the McMahon Line.

After a few days, China claimed that Tibet was only a part of their state and once occupied Tibet completely without complying with any of Tibet’s restrictions. It culminated in a bloody war in 1962 between the two countries. India was defeated there, and China forcibly occupied part of Arunachal Pradesh, but eventually withdrew its troops.

Tensions escalated when Chinese troops began fighting Indian troops to build a road along the Line of Control (LoC) in Ladakh after a central government was formed in Ladakh last year. India’s allegation is that the continuation of China’s conflict with India in 1962 over the forced entry of Chinese troops into the Galwan River Valley in Ladakh is another indication that China is making regular attempts to make it even more frightening.

Moreover, China always catalyses the hatred our neighbouring country Pakistan against India for so long, and now China is determined to include Nepal against India. At present, China’s image with India and the rest of the world has been discoloured, so politically, China is under a lot of pressure from the world.

The Chinese government is already facing a major obstruction in the international market. Although China’s economic structure is larger than India’s, but China’s economy is always looking at India’s huge market. India is the main export market for all small and big products of China.

The Indian government has already shut down several Chinese mobile apps, which has dealt a major blow to China’s internet market, as well as the closure of many small Chinese businesses in India. The Chinese government has to deal with that now. As a result of COVID-19, China’s internal situation has declined a lot.

For a long time, their relations with the United States, Britain and Japan have been heard to be very bad. Hong Kong has declared agitation against them, and Australia’s relations with China has deteriorated as a result of a trade war with Australia. Losing respect in the international arena, the criticism on Chinese government is increasing.

The anti-China approach in the minds of Indians towards China’s aggressive attitude is becoming quite evident. Many of the political analysts think that many countries in the world are blaming China for the COVID-19, is that not any matter to Xi Jinping? Or is China’s conflict with India on the border just a trick to divert the world’s attention?

Many see the issue as a political strategy by the president to deal with China’s deteriorating economic situation. Mr. Xi Jinping has used nationalism to defend China’s sovereignty in order to attract public attention. Whatever the current situation is between two countries, it remains to be seen in the international arena where China’s future relationship with India will go.


आज के समय में पत्रकारिता की गिरती साख को बचाने के लिए तथा लोगों के दिलों में पत्रकारिता के प्रति वापस विश्वास कायम करने के लिए एक्सप्रेस इंडिया न्यूज़ की पूरी टीम कार्यरत है।

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