Book Launch : It’s Because Of “You”

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It’s Because of You is the story of the author that talks about the series of events which laid the foundation of making her a person she is now. The story’s title expresses her immense gratitude towards that one person who changed her life and her in ways, which are extra ordinary in their own way.

The story starts from the school when the author, Bhawna, was in 9th class and she meets Sabita Ma’am in her school. She started adoring her from the first glance she had of her, experiencing an unusual connection with her, something magical. The moment Sabita Ma’am joined the school; Bhawna started improving in her day-to-day activities. She explored a lot about her own self after she met Sabita Ma’am.

First thing that she started dreaming, before she actually knew what true dreams actually mean, was that she wanted to get noticed by Sabita Ma’am. She wanted her instant favorite teacher to know the extent of what her presence meant to this one girl, that even though she had never taught the author, the author, on the other hand, always had her in her mind and always thought about her before anything.

She made tons of effort to get noticed by Sabita Ma’am, but to no avail. The reason behind this was that she never went directly to Sabita Ma’am to express her feelings of admiration for her but always lurked behind a third person.

One day, it happened that the protagonist of the story faced a major setback when Ma’am said something so heartbreaking that pierced right through her heart. The impact of that incident was such that she started blaming and hating herself. Only thing that she ever wanted was some recognition from her favorite teacher but all that she got was something that seemed like taking away her entire existence with it.

After the biggest failure of her first dream, she has again started and dared to dream bigger, to give herself another chance of making it right in the eyes of that teacher who meant a lot to her., but seemed like destiny had other plans for her. She failed again in fulfilling that dream.

A 15 years old child, 2 shattered dreams already, 1heartbreak and tons of unexplainable, unexpressed pain that she carried in her heart. She decided to leave the school because she could not face Sabita Ma’am any more. It felt to her as if she had failed to make that one person proud of her whose presence in her life was the only thing she ever wanted since the day she had seen her.

The same night she promised herself, that she will never meet Sabita Ma’am, never call her until she has become something, something which shall make Sabita Ma’am proud, and she that shall somewhere lead Ma’am to reconsider the statement that triggered it all, that resulted in the protagonist being on the road she never thought she will walk onto.

It was not like before, the zeal to be someone was a lot different. The author left the school, joined college for some random diploma course and devoted herself completely towards that. She got the best internship at DRDO, which contains the high importance in her current profession.

It all happened within the span of 4 years after leaving school and she, never looked back for anything. She was too focused on setting it all right; achieving her dreams that the outer world stopped existing for her. It was only her and her dream until, one day, she, accidentally met her school teacher “Kalpana Ma’am”. The first question she asked while talking to her was if she had met Sabita Ma’am. It was at that moment, Bhawna realized that 4 years had passed and she has not contacted Sabita Ma’am because she was too immersed in fulfilling her promise. And for the first time then, she told someone (Kalpana Ma’am) about her promise and everything that happened in those last days of school.

It was then the time for the destiny to repay the lead character with the fruits she deserved. That very day, she received a text message that she had never expected. The text was from Sabita Ma’am where she was blessing her in the text for all the efforts she had made in those years just to make her, as a teacher proud, Though the message meant the world, yet the author didn’t let her self being carried away and stayed stern with herself and her dream. She casually thanked Ma’am and got involved in her work, this time with even more focus than before, because now she was aware of the fact that Sabita Ma’am knows whatever she is doing.

After a year of that incident, on the New Year, the author received a call, from Sabita Ma’am where the latter invited the former to meet. Despite denying in the shade of that one promise and dream, Sabita Ma’am kept convincing her to meet because she could finally see that the author was on the right track of becoming the one she is capable of and that is all that ever matters to a teacher.

Somehow, the author convinced herself and went on to meet the person who was the only reason of her being the way she was. She was nervously ecstatic and could feel that she had finally succeeded in making Sabita Ma’am proud of her, in some ways or the other. Fearing as if it was the end of the world, she mustered up her courage to tell her teacher to reconsider that one statement that initiated the series of the events leading to the author making such stern promises.

The revelation, so made, left her speechless and numb. She realized that if she felt drawn towards Ma’am without being a student who never got to study from her, the attraction and the urge to reciprocate that feeling was not one-sided. It was then that the author realized the gamble Sabita Ma’am had played. The realization hit her hard and it dawned upon her that had it all not happened, nothing would have been the way it was at that moment.

And thus started the journey of finding a way to thank that teacher and tell her in every possible combination of words that “It’s Because of You” that she has been able to make her life the way it is just perfect and satisfying. When words fell short, but the immense gratitude still kept overflowing, it was time to pass on the legacy of love and care and the sheer affection to someone else, being a mediator by driving them to a position in their life that is the best for them.

The story “It’s Because of You” not only highlights and lays in front the words that intend to let the world know about the gratitude and thankfulness, the author carries within but also shall lay focus on the fact that if and ever, she can pass on even a bit of what she has received from her this teacher, then how will she be finding someone in whom she sees a reflection of her own younger self.

Cover releasing on 5 Aug 2020 at 12 through an online event. 

Publisher- The Book Line, Ansari Road
The same day Pre-order will also start.

Book launch on 5 Sep 2020
(Teachers Day)


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